Bitchlorette Party Pack

Looking for a bitchin’ alternative to boring bachelorette parties?

Immerse yourselves in a completely euphoric experience and celebrate the bride’s last hurrah with an all-encompassing Bitchlorette bash! Each chocolate sampler features five delectable chocolates per bitch and accommodates a group of 10 or 20. Pair our chocolates with a delectable wine flight and get ready for take off!

Would you like to be in touch with a Five Senses Tastings wine concierge to discuss wine pairing and payment details.


Insatiable cravings? Bitch please!

Enhance your package with an assortment of Bitchfix favorites, including mouthwatering chocolate Bitch Bites, Bitch Bars, and Bitch Bark sure to soothe the inner bitch. And don’t send your bitches home empty handed. Gift each of them a rhinestone tiara and Bitchfix canvas tote.

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