About Us


Bravo, you’re a bitch. You’ve got balls – so to speak. Like us, you can muster fierce, snide, catty, venom – especially when hormones rage, every 28 days or so. At Bitchfix we invite you to celebrate that bitchiness in the most delicious way. No guilt. No apologies. Just chocolate. After all, bitchdom – like chocolate – is our birthright, right?

A while back we noticed how groups of women working together began to cycle together. Some call it Menstrual Synchrony. We call it, get the f@#k out of our way and bring on the chocolate.

In the spirit of mollifying our monthly Medusa, Bitchfix artisan chocolates are handcrafted to quell cravings, ravings and the hormonal hysteria of PMS-ing sisters everywhere. And because we care about all Bitches – including the four-legged kind, Bitchfix donates 10% of sales toward spaying and neutering pooches so we can put an end to the needless euthanasia of 2.5 million shelter dogs every year. 

Our mission is simple. Eat more chocolate. Soothe more bitches. Save more dogs.

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